Meet baytay

Bailey (middle) and her two older sisters, Jordan (right) and Sydney (left) singing the National Anthem at PNC Park in 2010.


Growing up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Bailey Taylor, who goes by stage name, BayTay, has always had two things in her blood: love and music. From a little girl to currently almost 21 years old, Bailey has never stopped singing, whether it be in the shower, in front of her mirror, in the car, or on a stage. Coming from a musical family, singing has always come naturally to her. 

At the age of 8, Bailey started writing her own songs. "I would just hear a melody in my head, and I would put words to it. It was an easy process to me and something I always loved to do," she says. At age 10, she had the opportunity of a lifetime to sing the National Anthem for a Pittsburgh Pirates baseball game at PNC Park with her two older sisters, Jordan and Sydney Taylor. The Taylor sisters were a trio for a few years before Jordan and Sydney decided they wanted to pursue different careers, and so Bailey set sail to pursue music as a solo artist. "As a little girl, I always talked about maybe being a teacher, hair stylist, or doctor when I got older, but I never truly saw myself being anything other than a "big star." I knew from such a young age that I was born to write songs and perform." 



Bailey grew up watching and listening to her Uncle Bill, known as B.E. Taylor, who was well known in the PA, OH, WV area. He was mainly known for his Christmas tour, which became a 20+ year tradition for thousands of families. Being so strong in his faith and so loving to anyone he came in contact with, he was Bailey's biggest role model. "I remember being about 8 years old at one of his Christmas shows when I realized that I wanted to be just like him when I grew up. I loved watching him perform and interact with his crowds. I knew I wanted to follow in my Uncle Bill's footsteps." When he passed away in August 2016 from an inoperable brain tumor, there was a huge hole left in the hearts of the family members and fans of B.E. Taylor. "My family went on to have 3 years of remembrance shows around the holidays, and Christmas of 2019 was the final year of a 20+ year tradition. The show my Uncle built and the friendships he created will never go away. They will live on in everyone who has been apart of this show and all the fans it has touched." Bailey had the honor of singing in her Uncle's concerts from the age of 12 to 20. "They are memories I will truly never forget and he is someone I will always have in my mind and heart. He is the reason I am chasing this dream, and all I ever pray is that I am making him proud."

At age 16, Bailey started taking guitar lessons and got her first guitar. That is also when she started playing out at restaurants and bars in her hometown area with her band.

When Bailey was a sophomore in High School, she asked her parents if they would be okay if she didn't go to college. As supportive as they've always been her entire life, they encouraged her to go catch that dream she had been chasing for so many years. So, she graduated from Moon Area High School in 2018 and moved to Nashville, Tennessee on her own, where she now calls home, to pursue country music. That same year, she wrote a song for her graduating class called, "Last Four Years," and had the privilege to sing it at their Commencement. "That song will always be so special to me. It tells the story of my High School years with my best friends that I will cherish forever." She plans on releasing the song to all music platforms in the near future.




Since moving to Nashville, Bailey has written many songs with many talented artists and has been playing out. "I have always loved writing my own songs. I only write what is true to me and the experiences in my life. Songwriting is a way for me to express my thoughts and feelings, in a way not everyone has the ability to do." She is working hard everyday towards her goals of getting a publishing deal and then someday being signed to a Record Label. "It's all about being in the right place at the right time with the right people in this town. Everyone here is working toward the same dream, so you just have to work hard and never give up. That pushes me to work even harder." That being said, BayTay released her first single, "Not A Worry," in July of 2020. It's the perfect summer jam that she wrote while remembering her best summer memories made with her family and friends from over the years. It's out everywhere you listen to music, and you can even click the 'MUSIC' tab above to listen as well. She plans to release more music consistently after seeing how much love and support she got with her first single. "I just want to release music that makes me and my fans happy. I love hearing how everyone relates to my songs in different ways. If the songs I release makes even one person smile or helps someone through a hard time, than I did my job as a songwriter." 









Besides music, Bailey loves staying active. She cheered her whole life, played softball up until High School, and works out at the gym 5-6 times a week. She loves being outdoors, whether it's to take a walk or just to sit, relax, and talk to God. "I've always been strong in my faith, but moving to Nashville has pushed me to be closer with the Lord. I go to church every Sunday, bible study every Thursday, but I talk to Him everyday. I love knowing that He has a plan for me far bigger than I could ever imagine."

BayTay's fanbase is growing everyday, but there are many who have been with her from the start. "I am so thankful to have such amazing people in my life who continue to love and support me. My dad, mom, sisters, boyfriend, grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends, I would not be where I am today without them. Family is so important to me, and I am so blessed to have grown up in a household that was all about love, supporting each other, and Faith."














Music will always be Bailey's favorite thing to do in life. It is something that makes her smile even when she's feeling down. There is truly a song for everything, and there is something so beautiful about that. "I have already found what so many people go their whole lives searching for: the thing that makes me unapologetically, uncontrollably, genuinely happy." 

Bailey singing "Last Four Years" with guitarist, Rick Clew, at her High School graduation in 2018.
BayTay playing her first gig at Pucketts, downtown Nashville after moving there.
The Taylor Family 
left to right- 
Bailey, Sydney, Dan, Lori, Jordan